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Certificate Valid for a Gelly Blasters party! A $350 value for only $150
Amazing high quality bunkers for cover against your opponents!!
- 2 hours of play time 
- 14 Participants - Additional Participants $5 each
- Certified Gelly Master to run your party
- Lots of game options to choose from
- Each participant gets the following:
* Gelly Blaster
* Protective Head Gear(must be worn)

The Party Gets More than 30,000 Rounds of Ammo!!(42 Pods)

Additional Pods can be purchased for $2(party special pricing)



Is It Safe?
- Yes it is. Everyone wears safety headgear that cover their entire hide with a protective mask. We want everyone to feel safe so they can be fearless out on the playing field.
- Our Gelly Blasters shoot at around 150 fps and the Gelly Balls are non-toxic, leave no mess or stains.


What are the age ranges?
- Kids 5 years and up as well as adults all will have fun with Gelly Ball. It is a true family affair. Our Gelly Blasters are easy to use and can be held in one hand, but the thrill of game play is for everyone.

We host parties for kids as well as adults, church groups, sports teams, PTO groups, fundraisers, bachelor and bachelorette parties and more!!

Where is it played?
- We have an indoor facility that we can host parties that is 10,000 sq. ft.(the size of two basketball courts) this space are located in Hinckley, Ohio. During warm weather, we can bring the party to you and set it up in your backyard, park or woods.

If you have your own space or want to do it in your backyard,  give us a call and we will bring Gelly Ball to you!!!

Interested in a Party? Call 330-441-2887 or 440-732-2288

Welcome to the New Revolution .... Gelly Ball!!!

What is Gelly Ball?

It combines the best of Nerf Guns(No need to reload after 6 shots), Paintball(fun and exciting but sometimes painful and messy) and Laser Tag(the safety without the bulk of carrying around the heavy blasters and vests).

Games are fast and furious with players ducking for cover while finding the best angle to blast their opponent with our non-toxic, no mess, no stain Gelly Balls.

Our Gelly Blasters hold 750 shots without reloading!! Just pull the trigger and watch 8 gelly balls shoot every second. We think short bursts are the best strategy and most effective.

Book A Gelly Party!!

1669 W 130th St Building 5
Hinckley, OH, OH 44233

Phone: 330-441-2887