Float Tank Therapy

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Float Tank Therapy

At Just Breathe Wellness, we have recently added float therapy to our office!  Our new float pod is another wonderful tool to utilize in being proactive with your health.  Floating has endless benefits, but let’s highlight a few that are extra beneficial to every human being right now: 

*Reduced stress: Relaxing in our dimly lit and quiet pod will give you up to 60 minutes of peace and quiet.  94 degree water and 1000 lbs of epsom salt provide a weightless, comforting experience, making relaxation as you float almost immediate.

* Pain relief and relief from muscle tension: Float therapy simulates an anti-gravity environment to help with reducing pressure and strain and help us feel more like ourselves again.  Floating is an excellent way to reduce inflammation and tightness around injury or sore muscles and also may provide effective pain relief.  

*Improved sleep: There have been several ongoing clinical studies on the connection between floating and improved sleep.  Many of our clients report this as well!  

*Support that immune system: Improved circulation and a better hormonal balance is the primary reason that floatation therapy boosts the immune system, because it allows the body to focus more energy on building up defenses.  Rejuvenation of the body will allow you to be better prepared to combat germs and diseases.  In addition, the Epsom salts in the float tank draw out many toxins that might be weakening the immune system.  

At Just Breathe Wellness, we are passionate about natural health and healing!  Our services include halotherapy, infrared sauna, float tank therapy, ionic foot detox baths and massage therapy.  Be proactive in your family’s wellness with us!